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Dr. Joun ANDERSON, Vice-President. Wittim T. Branrorp, Esq., LL.D., F.R.S., Vice-President. Grorce A. Bovrencer, Ksq., F.RS. Epwarp Norrn Buxton, Esq. Witiiam E. pe Winton, Esq. Herzert Drvce, Esq., F.L.S. Cuartes Drummonp, Esq., T'rea- surer. Gen. Tue Hon. Fritpine, K.C.B. Dr. Cuartes H. Garry, LL.D. F, DuCans Gopman, Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S., Vice-President.


Sir Percy


P. L. Sctater, Esq., M.A., Frank KE. Brepparp, Ksq., Prosector.

COUNCIL. (Hlected April 28, 1899.)

Tue Dux or Brprorp, President.

Dr. Apert GunrHer, F.I-S., Vice-President.

Proresson GzEoreE B. Howns, LL.D., F.RS.

Sir Huex Low, G.C.M.G.

Ricwarpb Lypaxxksr, Esq., F.R.S.

Str THomas Painn.

Tar Hon. Lieven Roruscaitp, M.P.

Howaxp Satyoers, Esq., F.L., Vice-President.

Parrrp Lurity Scrarer, lisq., M.A.,Ph.D., F.BS., Sceretary.

Cuartzs 8. Tomes, Esq., F.R.S.

Dr. Henry Woopwarp, F.R.S., Vice-President.



Ph.D., F.R.S., Secretary. M.A., F.R.S., Vice-Secretary and

Mr. Crarence Barrrerr, Superintendent of the Gardens. Mr. Artnur Tomson, Head-Keeper and Assistant Super-


Mr. F. H. Waternoussz, Librarian.

Me. Jonn Barrow, Accountant.

Mr. W. H. Cote, Chief Clerk.

Mr. Groren Artuur Dovsrupay, Clerk of Publications,

ore ee TT


OF Tit


With References to the several Articles contributed by each.


On the Primitive Type of the Plexodont Molars of My lieurvavrineall Ste yy yen c ses avarice teiGN es obcs ena/es cute:

ANDREWS, CHARLES WiLLIAM, B.Sc., B.A., F.Z.S. Notice of a Memoir on the Osteology of one of the ereat Extinct Birds of Patagonia, Phororhacos inflatus On the Remains of a new Bird from the London Clay Orsheppeye) Colater Tile wei test e:.’s a's Soopers sacgen eeeuexe

Barrett-Hamitron, G. HB. H., F.Z.S.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some specimens of Kuropean Squirrels (Sctwrus vulgaris) showing local colour- WEIS EUSP NST, Ble etcioah Gira ic o/a eae Mam MOEN ee ma Ie es oll sa

On the Species of the Genus Mus inhabiting St. Kilda. Gelato Ney fe wre. MEMS ad Phe MRO Ae,

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a skin of the Varying

Hare (Lepus variabilis) in the Spring moulting-stage . . a2




Basserr-SMiru, Staff-Surgeon P. W., R.N., F.R.M.S., F.Z.S. On the Formation of the Coral-reefs on the N.W. @oastrok Australia’ s2.26) 5 ees ove aan oa

A Systematic Description of Parasitic Copepoda found on Fishes, with an Enumeration of the known Species.

(Ga Enis) 9. ©: Gigi ES eae Nerrerenrne fs eC ER STIPE oc

Bepparp, Frank E., M.A., F.R.S., Vice-Secretary and Prosector to the Society.

A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Cerebral Convolutionsiof the Gorilla "25.0... > soe eee

Bepparp, Frank E., M.A., F.R.S., Vice-Secretary and Prosector to the Society, and Frparzs, Sora M.

Notes upon two Earthworms, Pericheta biserialis and

Urcehochota hespertduine.: herent oe ts See eee

Benuam, W. Buaxtann, D.Sc., M.A., Professor of Biology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

On the Internal Anatomy of Notornis ..............

Braavw, F. E., C.M.Z.S. On the Breeding of the Weka Rail and Snow-Goose in Captnvaty iaceio ds <a tet osatete wenn ene ner tr saatle nreNetnerne rate eae

Buaynrorp, W. T., LL.D., F.R.S., V.P.Z.8., &e.

On some Species of Shells of the Genera Streptaais and Ennea from India, Ceylon, and Burma. (Plate L.)

Borrapaitn, L. A., M.A., F.Z.S., Lecturer in Natural Sciences of Selwyn College, Cambridge.

A Note on the Hatching-stage of the Pagurine Land-

CXa De er eee SE TE 2) Ren


65 798






BoutEeNnenr, Gnoree Axper, F.R.S., F.Z.S. : Descriptions of two new Lizards from the Interior of

iBaitisny Bast Africa; | (Plato X:) ......0s 0s oe. le: 96 A Revision of the African and Syrian Fishes of the

Family Cichlide.—Part II. (Plates XI. & XII.) ...... 98 On a Collection of Reptiles and Batrachians made by Mr. J. D. La Touche in N.W. Fokien, China. (Plates

2 ALE SOD.) a8 Jae UR He MRA 2, 0 PN Re 159 Description of a new Lizard of the Genus Ameiva from

Picea ors» (labs vNONCVAIINA): 290853.) SNS at en seer Le yt 517

Exhibition of a specimen of a fish (Polypterus congicus) from the River Congo with abnormal opercular gills .... 554

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a specimen of the Bornean Lizard Lanthanotus borneensis............00-- 596

Notice of a Memoir on the Fishes obtained by the Congo Free State Expedition in Lake Tanganyika ...... 600

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some living specimens of a Siluroid Fish (Clarias lazera) from Damietta ...... 715

On the Amercan Spade-foot (Scaphiopus solitarius Elolbrools) sya @edaton lille aru dete vane le Ncsnyde lk net) 790

On the Reptiles, Batrachians, and Fishes collected by the late Mr. John Whitehead in the Interior of Hainan. Gisiiies' WXGV: Tea TAXOINe. yma aics oka, al. o's AIP ae 8 oo 956

Brapy, G. Stewarpson, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., C.M.Z.S.

Notice of a Memoir on the Marine Copepoda of New PAC BIAILG ere MeN eae g Nr Hesse «sacs Maheeeme «See eee 2 381

Bunpeert, J.8., F.Z.8. Extracts from letters from, on his expedition to the Gr SLE Bec es or Beas cei 9c 4 wean ie a pees CL Ce 1

General Account of an Expedition to the Gambia Colony and Protectorate in 1898-99 ................ 931


Burior, ARTHUR GaRpiner, Ph.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c., Senior Assistant-Keeper, Zoological Department, Natural History Museum.

On two small Collections of Butterflies made by Mr. Richard Crawshay during 1898 in British East Africa. CPLR XE.) ora ea oath ee eas os ee

On a small Collection of Butterflies sent by Lieut.-Col. ASG. davakar, ANE Se mrom) IVMiiscat ! 2). ly se mie

On a Collection of Butterflies made by Mr. Richard Crawshay in British East Africa. (Plate LXX.) ......

On a small Collection of Butterflies from the Nandi District, Uganda Protectorate, Hastern side of Lake Victoria, made by Captain Hobart of the Grenadier Gougrd’s co Sic oe pare ee DRE RR Ue oe Ue Bee

Buxton, Epwarp Norrtn, F.Z.S.

Remarks on the Bisons (Bison europeus) observed during a visit to the Forest of Bielovege in Lithuania ........

Carman, W. T., B.Sc., University College, Dundee.

On two Species of Macrurous Crustaceans from Lake Tanganyika, (Plates XXXIX'& XBL.) ..............

CampBripen, Rev. Ocravius Pickarp, M.A., F.RB.S., C.M.Z.S., &c.

On some new Species of Exotic Araneidea. (Plates

NENG TENG gE AR 8 oh cerca eaten Hey, aba ride Geache8 (38 ae Carew, C. E. Potn-. See Pown-Carnw.

Cocks, A. H., F.Z.8. Exhibition of, and remarks upon, specimens of supposed hybrids between the Stoat (Mustela ermine) and the erret:(215 furo) tec cis ete de ees IRs Meee










Page Corner, HE. M., of St. Thomas's Hospital. Note on the variations of the Patella in the Divers, REOUeS slay COPMOLATIES Acc. -selatelseitrls aa ree eee ese se 599

CunnincHaM, Rosurt O., M.D., D.Sc., F.L.S., F.G.S., C.M.Z.S., Professor of Natural History, Queen’s College, Belfast.

Note on the Presence of Supernumerary Bones occupying the Place of Prefrontals in the Skulls of certain Mammals. 76

On a tew Points in the Structure of Laberde’s Shark (Clupratomeicrus tabard... tna shan be claele «so 5s Bekok 6: 732

Cunnineton, Wittiam A., A.R.CS.

On a new Brachyurous Crustacean from Lake Tan-

cealaiyiincel <a CE Laue: XU XOX VERTIS er aes ate ee ie ayers eh ae 697

bE Winton, WitniaM EH., F.Z.S. Exhibition of, and remarks upon, the tail of a Fox (Canis vulpes) showing the gland on the upper surface .. 292

On two Hares from British East Africa, obtained by Mr: Richard Crawshay. (Plate XXIV.) .......2..2:.; 415

On the Species of Canide found on the Continent of DRIER), ange eke UE eee ER Ble CS EN DER MEE Ce ROL gyn ole PR oP 533

List of, and remarks upon, specimens of Mammals contained in a Collection from British Central Afriea .. 771

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, two mounted heads and a skull of the Red-flanked Duiker (Cephalophus rufi- UI CIDES)) Ata NS Pane eel ED NE a EA a ge SAS a

Further Notes on the Moult of the King Penguin (Aptenodytes pennant2) living iu the Society’s Gardens .. 930

Exhibition of a specimen of a new Mouse from Southern Abyssinia, proposed to be named Dendromys lovati .... 986


pp Winton, WitiiaM H., F.Z.8., and Styan, F. W., F.Z.S8.

On Chinese Mammals, principally from Western Sechuen. By W. HE. pn Winton, F.Z.8. With Notes on Chinese Squirrels. By F. W. Sryan, F.Z.8. (Plates EXON ONG GPRM NCL) lene dt vis aie Ad cystgesann Shaheen

Dvuoxworrn, W. L. H.. M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Further Note on Specific Differences in the Anthropoid

Frpars, SopHizg M., and Bepparp, Frank K., M.A.,, F.R.S., Vice-Secretary and Prosector to the Society.

Notes upon two Earthworms, Pericheta hiserralis and MTeCh Och LO LCS PCHICUIM Le telat) ate) ieee eye Sue ieee

Fiower, Stantuy Smyru, F.Z.S., 5th Fusiliers, Director of the Ghizeh Zoological Gardens, Cairo, Egypt.

Notes on a Second Collection of Reptiles; made in the Malay Peninsula and Siam, from November 1896 to September 1898, with a List of the Species recorded from those Countries. (Plates XXXVI.&XXXVII.) ......

Note on the Proboscis Monkey, Masalis larvatus (QN/ATUEEA &) NORE Aeree ciety titer ee meee Cauna tenis Oa ai

Notes on a Second Collection of Batrachians made in the Malay Peninsula and Siam, from November 1896 to September 1898, with a List of the Species recorded from nose Conpaety (Ualkies) Jb) D.t, C5 UD) sony oe ea oo ede

Forsyta Masor, Dr. C. I. See Mason, Dr. C. I. Forsyrx.

Garpiner, J. Staniny, M.A., F.Z.S., Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

On the Astreid Corals collected by the Author in the South Pacific. (Plates XLVI.-XLIX.) .............,








Giznson, Ernest, F.Z.S. Field-notes on the Wood-Cat of Argentina (Felis LO YBOYT)) cies act Sralelats ous EEN, wa crore aS aie ate ate GtintHEer, Atpurt C. L. G., M.A., M.D., Ph.D., F.B.S., V.P.ZS.

An Account of a Collection of Fishes made by Mr. R. B. N. Walker, C.M.Z.S., on the Gold Coast. (Plates XLI.— 2S AVG) SE is Gea See csi ete NERD t SO ESE MMi ee a

Hampson, Sir Gzoree F., Bart., F.Z.S., &e.

A Revision of the Moths of the Subfamily Pyraustine andeWamily Ryralide:—sPart Pe). sash aok 5. 'h. 6,46

HARMER, Sipney F., D.Sc., M.A., F.B.S., F.Z.S.

Notice of a Memoir on the remains of a Deer from the Forest- Bed series at Pakefield, near Lowestoft ........

Hinzs, Isa L., B.Sc. (Vict.), of Owens College, Manchester.

Report on the Gorgonacean Corals collected by Mr. J.

Stanley Gardiner at Funafuti. (Plates ]-IV.)........ Hotprne, R. E.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some specimens of malformed antlers of the Axis and Fallow Deer........

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, the Horns of a Mine ACCOMM SIM PAPOLen Ws 84/5... <)o4e)d 2 a isla sears ake

Exhibition of horns of the Siberian Roebuck (Capreolus pygarqus) and the Altai Deer (Cervus eustephanus) ......

Inerine, Dr. H. von, C.M.Z.S. On the Ornis of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Plate PROXGVAIDS oA ore ke, cae I Ses wphdsh sa sigs gl eae eee Ivrea, Marquis.

Note on the Wild Goats of the Agean Islands ......










Jacopy, Marrin, F.E.S.

Additions to the Knowledge of the Phytophagous arbellan ((Elate exon ins | mayen:

Coleoptera of Africa.


Notes on the Coralliide of Madeira, with Descriptions OL LWol mew, SPectes. mG lates) IVie—V LN.) oc) a ce. say eee

Notes on the Antipatharian Corals of Madeira, with Descriptions of a new Species and a new Variety, and Remarks on a Specimen from the West Indies in the British: Minseiimice cc. cis eke A beeen attics eee

Note on the Habit and Mode of Growth of the Corals belonging to the Genus Plewrocorullium

RoW oO 5S pom o do oon

Keir, Arraur, M.D., F.Z.8.

On the Chimpanzees and their Relationship to the Gorilla ie late OK Ve i aie wicmenensne af sue atyanonse ater aaa

Kunr, W. Savituy, F.Z.8.

Remarks on Trichromatic Photography as applied to Zoological and Botanical subjects .................-..

Kirey, fF. Vaueuan, F.Z.8.

Field-notes on the Blue Duiker of the Cape Colony (Cephalophus monticola) ...-.-..--+++222+2 21-222 s ee

LypEKKER, RicHarD, B.A., F.R.S., F.Z.8.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a pale-coloured speci- men of the Reed-buck (Cervicapra arundinum) ........

On a West-African Kob Antelope. (Plate LILL).... On the Leopard of the Caucasus. (Plate LIV.)......

On the supposed former Existence of a Sirenian in

Si? Pe lerpan: yi. Re 8a ete eager ore







Lypexker, Ricuarp, B.A., F.R.S., F.Z.8. (Continued.) Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a mounted head of a Swamp-Deer (Cervus duvauceli)...............--.-0-. Specific Characters of the Chilian Guemal. (Plate LX1I.) On the Skull of a Shark-toothed Dolphin from Patagonia. The Dental Formula of the Marsupial and Placental Carmona (late oN) ate teu ake say i Description of the Skin of an apparently new Kob Antelope from the Neighbourhood of Lake Mweru, with

Note on a Skull and Horns of an Antelope of the same Cromuss Graber aNeNaIe yy 9)! MU ain dyin AAU VION) fat)

Mackenzie, G. S., C.B., F.Z.S. Exhibition of a photograph of a large pair of tusks of ING) BUGALEE NO ION Acie oly, ARE tee nn Magsor, Dr. C. 1. Forsyru, F.Z.S. Exhibition of, and remarks upon, the carpus of the

BessoralvRodent Cienomys | 405 umn Ole)

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some specimens of a Lemur (Prosimia rufipes Gray) from Madagascar

‘=| 6) <0)" a) je) 6)

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some skulls of feetal Mallee tsygelbemmurse eae ering. nok OMIA pn MeN eatin

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, specimens of two subtossil Mammals from Madagascar .. .............

Moors, J. E. S., of the Royal College of Science, South Kensington.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some specimens of the Jellyfish (Limnocnida tanganjice) of Lake Tanganyika

Moreno, Dr. Francisco P., C.M.Z.S.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a portion of the skin wig Wenn ylodomilistita.. Ls... aiewel , oe Sea Ve enh


829 917 919





Moreno, Dr. Francisco P., C.M.Z.S., and Woopwarp, Artuur Smuirn, F.Z.8.

On a Portion of Mammalian Skin, named Neomylodon listat, from a Cavern near Consuelo Cove, Last Hope Inlet, Patagonia. By Dr. F. P. Morrno, C.M.Z.S. With a Description of the Specimen by A. Smiry Woopwarp, HE ZES.) «(Pilates Sx eVind) 3 Oe Bigot k tle eee

Nezwron, Epwin T., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some fossil remains of a Mouse (Mus abbotti, now to be M. lewist) from Ightham, IGS AT RASAee Ceo PAP a TOA UN NG RAS IUMRN Gods hod dh ic OU.

Parsons, F. G., F.R.C.S., F.Z.8., F.L.8., Lecturer on Com- parative Anatomy at St. Thomas’s Hospital, and Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons, and Winptz, B.C. A., M.A., M.D., D.Sc., Professor of Anatomy at Mason University College, Birmingham.

On the Myology of the Edentata.—Part I........... On the Myology of the Edentata.—Part II..........

Peasz, AuFrep &., M.P., F.Z.S.

Supplemental Note on the Distribution of Loder’s Gazelle and the Dorcas Gazelle in Algeria ............

PerorvaL, A. Buayney, F.Z.8.

Exhibition of, and remarks upon, a series of Bird-skins from Chiromo, British Central Africa ...............

Pocock, R. L., of the British Museum (Natural History).

On the Scorpions, Pedipalps, and Spiders from ‘Tropical West Africa represented in the Collection of the British Minseum 1 (elates) lic Wve lll) aia were raids eerie irele




314 990



Potn-Carew, C. E., F.Z.S8.

Exhibition of some malformed horns of the Sambur Weern(C chunsartscotelis)ke cee as + acters. Gutemes aes Wis elo ces

Pycrart, W. P., A.L.S., of the British Museum (Natural History). Contributions to the Osteology of Birds.—Part ILI. Diwoundaiesamm (lal abe ste Ne SUIS XOX MMI a ae ae 5 ee Contributions to the Osteology of Birds.—Part IV. JEG TOUS, (CHES LOU eens cia ne a aime

Ripewoop, W. G., D.Sec., F.L.S., F.Z.S., Lecturer on Biology at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London.

On the Relations of the Efferent Branchial Blood-vessels to the Circulus Cephalicus” in Teleostean Fishes. (Plates PSX TE UO VG) epee ee uns ccap slop clasthon Ce aeals creat gtmen tags ©

Roruscuitp, Hon. Water, M.P., LL.D., F.Z.S.

Abstract of a Memoir on the Cassowaries ..........

Scrater, Puinrp Lurnry, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S., Secretary to the Society.

Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie im WMecemperUlSO Swen. ce wants ck acct. eed oem maa etege ts Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie m lane S OO Claes VERT) fe Vic ice 2 cheats aires cr aieare Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in MebroanyehSOg:o aire ort anis ses oat Neun nt As cement tape, Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in

MV ieirechip SOOM Picpre st ctecais tune tii.) 5 anntPee, Waa. Cay a eae ges Pa Exhibition of, and remarks upon, some specimens of Mammals from the Nyasa-Tanganyika Plateau ........ Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in PASEVER al SAO bev x won os gree coer, Sos! cu Deb oy micl ry ea OM A gcits totale











Page Scrarmr, Puitre Luruny, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S. (Continued.) Extracts from letters from Mr. J. 8. Budgett on his expedition to the Gambia in search of Polypterus ...... 596 Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in VERS OO yoann retake cin face or Siaudhotece ta ckekel «Cee 712 Exhibition of a drawing of the head of the Carunculated Bell-bird (Chasmorhynchus niveus).... 01.00. c eee en eee 712

Exhibition of a photograph of the female specimen of Grévy’s Zebra living in the Jardin Zoologique d’Acclima- ATIOMMATIGE Wis 1 scam eecunevet) Shere cleo ane \ehar ce 16 SUE ice 713

Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in June, July, August, September, and October 1899.... 824

Remarks on the principal Animals observed during recent Visits to certain Continental Zoological Gardens and Museums, and Description of Cercocebus congicus, SDSL OVD sea Reta acereutlin: dosnt eye vanela ai sicacle (eto teke OOo eee 826

Remarks on his Visit to the Cape and List of Animals obtained there for the Society’s Gardens .............. 828

Report on the Additions to the Society’s Menagerie in INOVember SOO: omental cle Chests Skene ce emits es er 985

Exhibition of a portion of the skin of a Giraffe from the east bank of the Great Loangwa River, Northern uO desler wich te) sehen tae gh ick ted teen cea ee 985

Exhibition of photographs of, and remarks on, two young Musk-oxen living in the Duke of Bedford’s park EDUMNVLOOUNYIN 5 evra) a cere a sas foie enepeacbarite efovehe she Leama se co

Scrater, Wittiam Lutiny, M.A., F.Z.8., Director of the South-African Museum, Capetown.

Remarks on the Mammal-fauna of South Africa...... 989

SHERBORN, C. Davizs, F.Z.S., and Woopwarp, B. B.

On the Dates of the Encyclopédie Méthodique’: NAM OMALINOLE, Jats: wer boiklencieeelneneverte eis eee ee renee 595


Suipiey, Anruur E., M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S., Fellow and Tutor of Christ’s College, Cambridge,and University Lecturer in Advanced Morphology of the Invertebrata.

Notes on a Collection of Gephyrean Worms formed at Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) by Mr. C. W. Andrews.

Smita, Epear A., F.Z.S8.

On a Collection of Land-Shells from British Central pinicas yc labest NON NIU TT XO OY eyelets rete)

Stryan, F. W., F.Z.S., and pe Winron, WiniiaM E., F.Z.S.

On Chinese Mammals, principally from Western Sechuen. By W. E. pz Winton, F.Z.8. With Notes on Chinese Squirrels. By F. W. Sryan, F.Z.S. (Plates PROXONG NON OLDS rereneid mene Ric stale ec erates acer tl


On the Temperature of the Ratite Bindsheeteset cance


Exhibition of the Skull of an apparently new Species of Baboon from Aden, proposed to be named Papio arabicus.

THompson, Prof. D'Arcy W., C.B.,F.R.S., F.Z.S., University College, Dundee.

On Characteristic Points in the Cranial Osteology of Ee MELT OLS meee ma taary ch Sern Aon © SSS lS rs aaa ae

THomson, ArrHUR, Assistant Superintendent and Head- Keeper of the Society’s Menagerie.

Report on the Insect-house for 1898

Xe 0 is] si ie) = Wi peieie ©

Witury, Artaur, D.Sc. Lond., Hon. M.A. Cantab.

General Account of a Zoological Expedition to the South Seas during the years 1894-1897

elie) viteltieiMwr es) ef el (ie) is) a) 1s) laces eel =

eo} bo ©




Winoit, B. C. A., M.A., M.D., D.Sc., Professor of Anatomy at Mason University College, Birmingham, and Parsons, F. G., F.R.C.S., F.Z.S., F.L.S., Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy at St. Thomas’s Hospital, and Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons.

On the Myology of the Edentata.—Part I........... On the Myology of the Edentata.—Part I]. ........

Woopwarp, ArtTHur Smiru, F.Z.S.

Exhibition, on behalf of Dr. Moreno, of the skull and other specimens of Neomylodon listat ................

Woopwarp, Artuun Smirn, F.Z.S., and Morpno, Dr. Francisco P., C.M.Z.S.

On a Portion of Mammalian Skin, named Meomylodon lista, from a Cavern near Consuelo Cove, Last Hope Inlet, Patagonia. By Dr. F. P. Morrno, C.M.Z.S. With a Description of the Specimen by A. Smira Woopwarp, Be ZS., (Plates) XouM = N@Ve) gar sae) .8. ahaa ene

Woopwarp, B. B., and SHERBORN, C. Davis, F.Z.S.

On the Dates of the ‘Encyclopédie Méthodique’ : Additional Note


314 990


XI. ee XIV.



Proc. Zoor.



Page Figs. 1, 2. Verrucella granifera, Figs. 3-5. Acampto- gorgia spinosa. Figs. 6,7. A. muricuta ........ QUEER) Sood hae Ae aoude b> opooedseuacee > 46 Figs. 1,2. Muricella flexils. Figs. 3,4. M. tenera.. Euplexanng Gnttpathesy a. o)e\alela ie ielela ie 2 mii > + 2 hie J THEUTOCOT GUM MACE CSCW set eteh tats ol ve ys) seh) stele CUT OCORGHAUIM JONTSOTD yee e\eleioinie|«/cle +) «ils ea 57 Figs. 1 & 4. Pleurocorallium maderense. Figs. 2 & 5. JE, Volos, Nes By TE UMUCUOP Gaoe ce scnec Oude OWS CHET AG WS one ong dso ooo de oceee oon agin c 64 Fig. 1. Mus hirtensis. Fig. 2. M. muralis ........ dit IEBGARTA UG SODO\ Nelo aig n cen UB be CoO e8 SR ee Poo 96 Fig. 1. Tilapia marie. Fig.2. T. livingstoni. Fig. 3. If, CRVOMTIED poo honnebovos ne gen ooo douneo O09 98 Fig. 1. Tilapia rostrata. Fig. 2. T. zebra. Fig. 3. 18. GUERRA a ea cl 0m. OTE ACT PONS CG o Oia oe OOS ECMO WHED. ont besogude nee soe euesatonads 144

Ophisaurus harti i

Fig. 1. Tropidonotus craspedogaster. Fig. 2. T. per- CUTE WIS! 6 Sao bn 16 be silaGhO DOO bE Skin cons Sonos

Fig. 1. Tapinophis latouchit. Fig. 2. Trirhinopholis >159 BUI. dine Wed at SHOEI Or crciyaetonnte b |

Fig. 1. Rana latouchit. Fig. 2. R. ricketti. Fig. 3. IETS HAO UUCHITTO, AOD POR Sb). 656 GOOG ae

Anthropopithecus troglodytes kooloo-kamba, (Solenng 2yieais Wes Fase eked oe eerste nie teat 296

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Plate Pace XXI. New Species of African Phytophagous Coleoptera .. 339 oak Gsteolosyiofithe ml abinetes ee eee ee rer 331 DOO) SOGNPCRLET CLINE Ha ROA PO Ana tort oe eS AAP GOO 415 XXV. Butterflies from British Hast Africa ............-. 417 ONGVIET ee Eanasitics Copepoda im rsei arn er eet aoe ee 438 XXVII. Ornis of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil............ 508 OMVIOOG | ARGIOD. (URUODSTUTIG son 0905 608n ob nobsdebdncan ss: 517 a New Species of Exotic Spiders.................. 518 XXXI. Rhinopithecus roxellane | 579 NOOK nieenusisechuencrs!s Men) | 000 asec aa XXXII. XOXO.) Central Atrieanwuand=Shells 2 a\.5 cee ees 579 XXXV. EXOXOXGV JIE ne /7, 1072) CSU DIATUS =r Tare ele rte eer eet XXXVI. Fig.l. Zyphlops albiceps. Fig. 2. T. flower. Fig. 3. | 606 CHM ODS HYPE 25o00b04se000q00000000000% DOOCV em nothelphusc macula reer ttle yea nel eee 697 XXKIX. Figs. 1, 2, 4-9. Limnocaridina tanganyike. Vig. 3. Comaing iy ckiimeen Sarr eee ee eee 704 XL. Figs. 10-19. Limnocaridina tanganyike. Figs. 20-24, TAU AAUD (DOORD ah bBo ocleanep oo son po Oddo. NAGI Chirysichthysvbucticopen) rade wn tee eer ernie ) XLH. A. Chrysichthys biitttkoferi, juv. B. Hemichromis UP SHMOMIB s 66 0600400080 000000000000Cn90e00 jhe 2UIUOL, CEU STSULONS WORITUIS ans ogoeeacdoovosnoconsoe ee QUIN | COYRANIINS COMMROMEOISUS 255005 04cb85d0eb00000 XLV. A. Chrysichthys kingsleye. 3B. Petersius occidentalis. XLVI. ap @oralsifromithensonthy Paciie ye rr mee mercer 734 XLIX. Ibe SURG auee PS hal JBM0G o'o¢hencbooonsanoengodsecou 764 Iblig JERYDICANOD SHUNGORD, sngheaccdnepvenaconccens 776 IGANG AAO RUS SUNS oa onebcnccotcsangodoacnads 790 LIII. Brown female Kob from Sierra Leone............ 794. ULV. ‘The Weopardofthe| Caucasus) ace seme yer 795 LV. ee Wiest=Adrican! Arrachindallei eer intent tare 833 LVI. LIX. Tadpoles—1l. Rana macrodon. 2. R. tigrina. 3. Rhacophorus leucomystar ..........-+12.-+ +2 885 LX. Tadpoles—1l. Wicrohyla ornata. 2. Microhyla(?) sp.? CHV AVN OVTENOIGEUDS Soganocnacossnsaduscane> LXJ. Male Chilian Guemal (Mazama bisulca) .......... 917


Plate Page

LXII. Lower teeth of Placental and Marsupial Carnivora. 929 Xe

LXIV.> Efferent Branchial Vessels of Teleostean Fishes .... 939 LOW,

LXVI. 1. Draco whiteheadt. 2. Acanthosaura hainanensis . ) LXVI. 1. Rana graminea. 2. Staurois hainanensis. 3. Rha- |

BON CTOS: CAV GA ULI ern ahem OSM OM OR aCe oe +} 956 BNO ALM Car-conencanonitcheady cnr Kies sini ceo sale | LXIX. 1. Gymnostomus lepturus. 2. Barilius hainanensis.. | LXX. Butterflies from British Hast Africa.............. 962

LXXI. Skin of Smitheman’s Kob (Cobus smithemam) .... 981 IPXEN ME Osteolosy of theveycopodes! .u...5. ee ieca eee ees 1018



Page AcaiseDeer. Maltormedtantlersyot ire mar ania erate ieee ieee ete 4 Halloween Ma lformed antlersiotan. neces ee ne en arene 4 LENGE GRIME, SHAUL CE soocdgaboussdconeaceedoubcocone noc 110 Jn RTES Crudilens., Chorncbene 1NOIS CH ocho s0cn0b0sausocnc0ceon0% 13 NESTOR UALS SUI G Ve ori ootoaona son aaceotpeogusnodb ood 6 14

Corvus coraz, to show diagrammatically the muscular fosse and TAUCSTA (ENMU RINOKTEV MR Sa Beading ao dooo Sbna ome oO Mb OIDoooOdoS> 15 Psittacus erithacus, for comparison with fig. 4 ..............008. 16 Nestor meridionalis, for comparison with figs. 4 and 5 ............ I INESiOTMMmentiuiondlisy QuadratesDOne Olen coerce 17 SURG LOS LOC OREN UMS, SIRWI OE oc oodcsbacconooangndoobconoures 18

Stringops habroptilus : part of skull of young individual for comparison TAMIR ON Oe Chen aH MI Gan la dod AeA OOS GO Dino 0 da0% 70-000 I Stringops habroptilus, Quadrate bone of ..............++-+..00e: 19 Wormusidomicellameartiotskullvot meme seer cis eee irene 20 ACROSS CLAIMS, SAW OE She scuoocdopos doen aceaccsvodue 22 Microglossus aterrimus, Quadrate bone of ........-..-...-5-s55: 22 Cacaiuarduconps:, Skulliot) aricee netic eos eee ete 3 emensasica, iS KUlWOf ee ree eee ea toe er eee 24 Cnllocephalon galeatunw Skulltataee ey acre ee eee 24 Calopsitiacus nove-hollandie, Part of skull of..........-..+..000- 25 PAM AA OT MYM CHUSWLY CEI emesis Kant) Note as) ese olen eneie creel aie 27 Alina MOOG, SNA GE akon odowoaboocadasonds ora sadooosc. 28 Anachlonoptera Quadnrate bone Oty a pyael-citeririe i) eee 28 Comins cerugenosus, >i Ol pee ey ae en nelle tae eee tte 29 Mii CSO SAM OF Ae yosegacoddosobeaacdbeuoescote anol: 30 Chiysotus ested, Quadrate bonelol em eaeeee ee eels nee 30 Cmeamelanocephala, siaullot, Veiemer meen ites cl aes 31


Page Gaica melanocephala, Quadrate bone Of ....+...2sess.ccenseccs: 31 PEeOe OUCH LUIS USCUCCIOILUS SKULL) OM salays, «sieves «6.6, sto eee) eo ea we kas B31 ORCA BSI CAS WO AMIL, Offsreraiing as, Sd y sted ed 58 4 Levon 4 habeaaies HOG M2 32 Dasypelus pecguetz, lmpertect skull of. ..........0.0enoues ess 33 LBM BOOS, COPA Pts) S00) CO) San ene EE obs ok ny rn Cn aN 34 Manyonalhus megalorhynchus, Skull of... ..6..: ose sales dee sess dd Tanygnathus megalorhynchus, Quadrate bone of ......,......... 35 PICU OMNT TO RROD SKU OL!) 2s /alaala 5) gala. (ccni cae eye ey elo Ne 30 PAMROSINICLUS CHAROPYGIUs, SIKU OL 25. tots .s5... la. Serta eaan cis 35 ee CLO DSIsy PCr SOMGED Wo Kullu Otis mys icles sug ielsya spel eta eecra a aiek 36 aOR LL O BSUS Me NMEOITON Ve TE STON Oly ye sheys setlals sels lads since hake apne ste ie 36 AGO MOIS FOSCICHPULUS SKU MOL )e,2 4.2.12 22s laia eae tS ieee ete ie 37 GTEC CUS CLCGO NS. anti Olj Skully Oe Aun alee) 4s cae aay eeieid | ee 37 BOP LPUCUS LULU CECTASIS es SAN NO Lays a5) 5. = cyah viel shee rot clad eve ee Mats gic oh 38 Nymphicus weensis, Auditory region of .............0eeccceeeee 38 MUO SiHLACUSTUMALATUS | SKUNGO Ln. scuaey aciieat any el or eee 39 MEO CORMULUMUCEUCOLOTN scr teles d.c7es co sei sc+ tes pS ENV oe 58

Gorilla, Brain of, belonging to R. College of Surgeons. Dorsal view. 66 Lateral view. 67

oD my) - A 5 University of Oxford. Dorsal view.. 69 FA os i R. College of Surgeons. Vertical view. 70 i SEN Miho SA x ody av Seal hy Nett aN SAY oy SP vad Cc REN SION ct seh 71 ‘es SSM Eb. ces coyastaegratny cho eual av cucrake trae Opa R PONS EE 72 A 5 iorsall VAG Wp srh-oe a cach souk vs Sra. tA eo cn eee ae ae 73 Notornis, A semidiagrammatic plan of the intestinal coils of ...... 2 Notornis: A. The tongue and neighbow ing parts of the floor of the mouth of; B. Enlarged view of the postglottidean longitudinal MOnecH OL MP APUG VOL, 45, s5.05) eb cWN apclous as) Alaa. 5,5, 3 cea Rah tae 91 loans wlherskeletoniot the larynxiol | 25 45.2 .seeasenades aan 92 herons. lhersyrinx Of dorsal View si)42/452 vy cess. sae aclaersieus O4. Rnroniis ub ersyrltix, Of verioral View oss 1a. a. . 4 ueaeens ae 95 MiGioiis. line syrinx OL, trom thenlettisidel. s)./).1) 04a ae 96 ONY DUD, OBSCURE CLIN No coer AEDS, COMER PLEO A RR ea MMe 5 5h) Maas Gs 159 Cavern near Consuelo Cove, Last Hope Inlet, Patagonia.......... 147 eswonebroushton Island) NOW Australia, (2.05. saacee ce aenee: 158 Ophisaurus harti, Lower jaw of ....... se fehl ob ete al Eee 16) Tachydromus septentrionalis, Chin of, showing unusual number of SIGS onto ooh A MOAN EEL ncn eer yeer nts Siesta ets arte) ick gue 162 BCC) U SRILET OL) CN CEIES py 0) fanlah hat he obey acs ceevs ees gles eke Ake Mee Ree 173 BEE CUUCILLESE RGU ICT AUUSG GY 2,21 ¢ le hee Ney as) ayo2y Sno Sp eats GM ER ea 173 PSE COD ESCA TICOUMIUS Sires dey Vers thet-1 1idheycis\s) 5; 01 al Ap a ee 174 LL RSCUCTIO UOT ES SAREE ATMO OG CER OE GIs & V7 DLO CCH OStCOSCHIC I SAIN i myartnt suaer. 314) eee ane SPeberheeatebstiactupawiets 178 ALRGLOCIIOS GAY EO LOS She OIA AAO DAPI EMAL ois 86 %.0,.00 ce RN oh 180 PCR OSELOMILCLLCULOSCULS Uom Beak a. 3.200) she as = ba Gian IA A ER ole ae chu 182

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Page OWI (IO MOLLOSOD, (Blo banc aodbusnansopnene sooo b boo cno. 183 GTA EHE CHIALTIES RG, ces Staae do como gdse soos ouosmeacok. gp c 184 OF-Cnanay GIPCSEF TUS Gyeh ene ae ee eee eee rea 185. 1 ISRO PRUE LE, EG goon wesecospvabobogaddcnsonomoredoss 185 ROMITIES (PUBOSUDS (i Sonos ea soos po seub onto oscudMas paccn. 187 JEAN OUCUCIHORE HONS) (8 55 a2 2080060260002 b0do Faroe oD HONK E sa sod 189 I MSOBIUGS EPI DISA G15) HOLE Aa oO A DIA n.6 O61 indo OR Omit aad on 8\c.0% 190 CrocidophonapryOpRona cin. aie se ek ete enn ot 191 IVEGTUCON TL ESEULLUUS amor cement ones PEACE a ate el ee ae Te bE 194 BA CLOUGESICIIVETEDIUS BON ee ee ee ei cen 195 CERTGUA CALC COU AIS GL Waele ere SIE oes Ch tece ain ne ene Eien es 195 JRO ROMDMOOUES WODORUND) “Aaa sbascess soos ocueteogoccu0Cs a. 196 J PUT RUETAA SOD IETS SCN GER MRAP LS CLF Oa Cee NUCL RE GI Pee O0 00.0)0-0 - 199 IDSCORITOS OLGA CG Snaceacesodoocuespesoncooacanpoce: 200 BINGHLO DN MONO CLULCIIC NS rapt. 1ar. eee etree ree ee ee 201 JER EON HNO URISUOS (6) te dbo datz cos Ob up bocce asouoOme cs: 202 URECLOSO MUA NIE YCRUELDIUNCLOLS aime tak Plee eee ere ee 206 LOMPROMARIERE CAMATHUS, (0) Gash onodgedioobanboraoosog4 soa0506 20 206 IEOCTORE GEASILS, CG oooasecssgoooosabasovorsvooosesnoe roe Ue PRU CLENONES LASAOLIS aimee Ey ey eeiele este eae ee ee 208 DD VASETIUG PAMOUIUTLUS Wipe aie so ie at eae ce Te ke ee 213 Jieielo eae MOG NONI), Cl so bab dceanoodseos cas scn0bendeusne: 214 VAGIUOUSTRONCHLAIAIUNGLIS. AG Cae eer eet eae 215 LGD TAO COMMEQINS (i ene dooocceddas mos eqonsg ne goabaogesoou> 216 S]o5 UG HOU, GOPELLAOS, GB a bobowacaccoceabobcodsocpnusazaacces 217 Ta OCR COU TEREST OOUCT LS: are lee ean Bonn Olea a an A aio vordor eo BEG tLe Goda 6-400 217 iMG MORHOO CORTULIIS) b Gacansacacegoocousosegoconnoscss 218 LNGESYG TOUCH ORI. Gomogaedascdhoasncnusdodscasbocoosnc0d 219 TERUG (DAM UE (Ch Sova tage douse agoUnn Aes eronemeo-no000 219 Mich ocausi@ dynisimebrialis, oy anne meer el ceiae ae ieee 220 WNOOhAG Olube alts: “Bice sss bee Rhee Oe Oe oe ee 220 Manisanatallitsalis, Gy -ciseat ee acini cite terete oes oe ere 222 HEemiscopis SU Usaliss GB. he eaten ita oe ee eee at Oe eee 223 JOSH COOL OTE SAN NG AE Ssihitinced oi MH oa SAO A Bina eas qiao 50.99° 224 IB OOLOnChamantimalsy G sn spake eens weiner en cies cic cee 225 VAL ELOCEN TNA: ChIONASPIS Gilt. asim ee Re eee ee ee ee 226 IP PROLACOMELISICONSEFICTA SG iis Rie cine as SCE Roe Cee see 226 VAG LOO CO RALNT Pea DOR 2 G1 has Ane Ore BI AG CO pI on 6 227 Galamochrous tranquillalis, (Sie ne. en ee ee eee 227 Oybalonia pentadalis, Swe atelier eee eee 228 IPROCHONISEIS MeDICAPUALES VS) we tty Wiehe ent eke are ee 230 CYRCAEINAENE GILES ctistchasem niet Sale ork eer tes eae ok eae a ee 230 IMinesictena GuUaadrales, GO \ i. ue eco eed: eee eae ee 231 Ewenistis.asyphela,y oS \Gh va siaislatien se lodon oiokelats cies eee eee 232 IMEONOCONGTUBTANS «SG See aes & i een ee Rei hoe ee 232 Edolophid sujemetausy S$ | iandsne eit -)ie roe ea ee eee 235

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Proteodidelphys precursor: sixth right lower molar, external and

SITE VES US irons POO ene Or mono rodoc ceo" occ eC one 558 Cyonasua argentina: fifth right lower molar, superior and external

OS OC RIMS olen Og clo ie Den eee Reese ame eeicas coi 4 os ergrcimia ec 559 Halmariphus didelphoides : fifth right lower molar, superior and ex-

erMeASPECt scree cies ee dicts & nfale crete ay tars oele MR esteL ts cheba 559

Halmariphus guaraniticus: fifth right lower molar, superior, internal, ANGE xLETMANAS PC a oiaate somo. oe cl piensa eres Beet vee tl aca Yate 560



Cephalomys proraus: last right lower molar, superior aspect ...... 560 Deuterotherium distichum: fifth right lower molar, superior and

external aspect....... Wiel eRe MeVaAt ah Mel ste’ arsine ier age se Ute eaealie ister ipe a ate 56]

Morphippus imbricatus: fifth right lower molar, superior aspect .. 562 Morphippus imbricatus ; fifth right lower molar of adult, superior

SPCC DMM ale ill a ars WEN Cac Lod svarlavannl steel rst aietia obeaRe ee roro a ea eae Re 563 Notohippus toxedontoides : fifth right lower molar, superior aspect .. 563 Equus caballus, Crown ot homologous tooth of existing............ 563 Archeophilus patrius: fifth right lower molar, unworn and worn,

SUPOLIOLASPeCtamn amma racine eissi a celts alan ciel eee oe eeeeee 5€3 Notopithecus fossulatus: fifth right lower molar, slightly worn,

Extenniaimancesupenaraspectias ssa \autt-uia acy: ace oleae 564 Pitheculus australis: fifth right lower molar, superior and external

YS) OEY ON 2 cer Ac pean en Peace Mie SHH ameNAInE Bid) dc, c O64 Homunculus patagonicus: fifth right lower molar, superior and

Externalbas pect Qn jf. s,s aid marvay sonisl sea ae = eee 565 Proteodidelphys precursor: third right lower molar, external and

unternalWaspeet es. soid eters Sea Ae eer ea Tee 566 Homunculus patagonicus: second to sixth lower molars, superior

FNS] 01 5) 0 Ra nic st ca SES AA tL Seen nintet Aaa ters Ses 0 567 Tanthanotus borneensis, Open mouth of 4.2) .s. 4... cee nese 597 Bell-birdaC@ arunculated witead of es 144 eae eee 713 Bera Greys: Sy (CLG UUs igieLon pacers i: ae erento eee 714 Chrysichthys) auratus (Leethy on) palate of) 5 ..)2.5.......4ee see 719