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(1887-1898) Thomas E. Jeffrey Microfilm Editor : Gregory Field Mary Ann Hellrigel i Theresa M. Collins Paul B. Israel i David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg i Lisa Gitelman ; Karen A. Detig Leonard DeGraaf Gregory Jankunis i Dennis D. Madden Douglas G. Tarr

Editors Reese V. Jenkins

Director and Editor

Sponsors Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site New Jersey Historical Commission Smithsonian Institution

University Publications of America Bethesda, Maryland 1993

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company.

Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers, The State University endorsed by * National Historical Publications and Records Commission 18 June 1981

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The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, New Jersey.

ISBN 0-89093-702-8.


Reese V. Jenkins Director and Editor

Thomas E. Jeffrey Associate Director and Microfilm Editor

Robert A. Rosenberg Managing Editor, Book Edition

Helen Endick Assistant Director for Administration

Associate Editor Assistant Editors Paul B. Israel Keith A. Nier Gregory Field Research Associates Lisa Gitelman Theresa M. Collins Martha J. King David W. Hutchings Karen A. Detig Secretary Grace Kurkowski Intern Student Assistant

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available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.

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Reel duplication of the whole or of. -.

any part of this film is prohibited... In lieu of transcripts, however, eee enlarged photocopies of selected ae items contained on these reels _may be made in order to facilitate ae


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This series contains correspondence, financial records, legal records, scrapbooks, and other documents relating to members of the Edison and Miller families. Most of the items for the period 1887-1898 pertain to the activities and interests of Edison’s second wife, Mina Miller Edison, and to the maintenance of Glenmont, Edison’s home in Llewellyn Park, N.J. There are also several contracts and other legal records from the period 1867-1900. The majority of items in this series were donated to the Edison National Historic Site during the 1990s by the Charles Edison Fund, East Orange, N.J., and are part of a record group entitled Charles Edison Fund Collection (1873-1987). A finding aid is available at the Edison National Historic Site.

The documents appear on the microfilm in the following order: (1) Correspondence; (2) Legal Documents; (3) Financial Records.


Miller Family Papers. This collection of correspondence, unbound financial material, legal records, and other documents covers the period 1865- 1940. Included are letters by and to Lewis and Mary V. Miller and their sons, Ira and John V. Miller. Many of the items from 1887-1898 pertain to the business affairs of Lewis Miller and to the financial problems resulting from his involvement as stockholder and surety for C. Aultman & Co. of Canton, Ohio. There is also personal correspondence, including a series of letters written by John V. Miller while in the U.S. Navy during the Spanish-American War.

Glenmont Guest Book. This book covers the period March 1895- December 1940; there is also an entry from 1945. The guests include George Eastman, Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, Josef Hofmann, Herbert Hoover, Charles A. Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Helen Keller, and members of the Miller and Edison families.

Souvenir Book. This scrapbook covers the period 1891-1928. It contains invitations, programs for recitals and other social occasions at Glenmont, and other memorabilia.

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These letters cover the period 1884-1898. Most of the correspondence is addressed to Mina Miller Edison. There are numerous letters from her mother, Mary V. Miller; her sister, Jane (Jennie) Miller; and her stepdaughter, Marion Edison. There are also letters by Mina’s stepsons, Thomas A. Edison, Jr., and William L. Edison; by their teachers; and by various members of the Miller family, including her father, Lewis. Also included are items authored by Mina Edison and some letters addressed to Thomas A. Edison. The correspondence deals mainly with the domestic life and activities of the Edison and the Miller families. The letters contain numerous references to Thomas A. Edison’s work schedule, his health, his paternal and spousal role, and his relations with the Miller family. There are also items pertaining to his wedding; Mina Edison’s pregnancies; the health of family members; time spent at Glenmont, Fort Myers, and Chautauqua, New York; Marion Edison’s years in Europe and her marriage to Oscar Oeser; and the education of Thomas A. Edison, Jr. and William L. Edison at boarding schools. About 50 percent of the correspondence has been filmed.

In addition to the correspondence by family members, there are numerous letters addressed to Mina Edison dealing mainly with the purchase of goods and with charitable donations. Some items pertain to the financial needs of nonprofit and other institutions, including the Orange Free Library, the New Jersey Home and Training School for Feeble Minded Children, and church and hospital funds in Fort Myers, Brooklyn, and Newark. Letters selected for filming relate to Edison’s health, Marion Edison’s French tutor, Mina Edison’s charitable activities, and her $50,000 loan to Aultman, Miller & Co. of Akron, Ohio.

The following categories of documents have not been filmed: correspondence pertaining to the purchase of household items, clothing, and domestic services; telegrams regarding the travel arrangements or the transmittal of documents; solicitations and acknowledgements of annual dues and charitable donations; requests for loans; letters concerning subscriptions for the Orange Methodist Episcopal Church.

The documents are organized on the microfilm according to corres- pondent: (1) Marion Edison (Oeser) and Oscar Oeser; (2) Thomas A. Edison, Jr.; (3) William L. Edison; (4) Lewis Miller; (5) Mary. V. Miller; (6) Edward B. Miller, (7) Grace Miller; (8) Jane Miller (Marvin) and Richard P. Marvin; (9) John V. Miller; (10) Lewis A. Miller; (11) Mary E. Miller; (12) Robert and Louise Miller; (13) Theodore W. Miller; (14) Non-Family Members.




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